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Centro Culturale Conero is an Italian language school located in the heart of one of the most characteristic and rich in history villages of the Marche Region: Camerano. Set on the top of a hill overlooking Monte Conero, this charming village, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, is only 6 km from Ancona and the magnificent beaches of the Conero Riviera.


At the CCC we offer a wide choice of Italian language courses throughout the year:

ITALIAN GROUP COURSES (Intensive and extensive)
THEMATIC COURSES for specific needs
WIDE CHOICE OF CULTURAL ACTIVITIES, artistic and naturalistic excursions to the most characteristic sites of the Marche Region, wine and food tours, Italian and regional cooking courses etc.





  • Vogliamo ringraziarvi per tutto
    Cari amici, siamo ritornati bene a Hall in Tirolo. Avevamo avuto un viaggio senza troppo traffico e siamo arrivati qui in 5 ore. Vogliamo ringraziarvi per tutto – le lezioni, il picnic, le gite, la degustazione di vino. Abbiamo avuto un tempo bellissimo da voi. Cari saluti a tutti – a te, Marco, Michele, Paolo. Anche cari saluti a tutti dei nostri corsi – Tina, Inés e Madlene – che sono ancora alla scuola. Alla prossima volta P.S : Anche cari saluti di “Lady” il cane, questo si ricorda al picnic e le molte coccole di tutti.
    Gerhard e Christine S., Austria
  • I would like to thank you and everyone else we met for your hospitality
    Dear Marco and Ursula! Our experience with the school was very enjoyable and I would like to thank you and everyone else we met for your hospitality. After leaving Camerano, we visited the large cities of Italy, Venezia, Roma and Firenze. They were very interesting and we learned a lot of history and saw many beautiful things but we enjoyed the small quiet towns much more... It gave us a chance to slow down and avoid the very large crowds of people. When our friends and relatives ask the children what part of Italy they liked the best, they answer, Camerano. We will all have many fond memories of Camerano and all of the people we met for many years to come and we will always try to return when we get to Italy again. Thank you again for everything
    Deborah B. USA
  • I really had a nice time
    Dear Marco, I would like to tell you how much I appreciated your thoughtful and sincere reception during my stay in Camerano. I really had a nice time. Of course, I learned some Italian but what impressed me most was the way you worked and organized things for us students. You and Ursula were always available.... I had not imagined I could eat such delicious, healthy food with superb wines there. The atmosphere was great. Good teachers, good meals, fun time in the evening... Again, thank you very much!
    Celine P. Canada
  • I really enjoyed attending a course of italian in your school!
    I really enjoyed attending a course of italian in your school! It has been 3 great weeks with a lot of fun and good learning experiences. The most important thing for me was that not only you run a great program, but also that you showed so much personal interest and "looked after" every one of us.
    Karen H., Holland
  • Tutto era organizzato ottimamente
    Ursula e Marco, quattro belle settimane ho passato nella vostra scuola, il Centro Culturale Conero. Tutto era organizzato ottimamente, e per questo ogni giorno mi sentivo bene qui a Camerano. Grazie a voi per la vostra gentilezza e fidatezza, per il vostro aiuto ed anche per il vostro invito (a cena) Era una serata accogliente con una cena eccellente....Spero che io possa ritornare a Camerano l'anno prossimo. Auguri e scusate i miei errori
    Margarete P. Austria
  • The classes were great!
    The classes were great! I really appreciated the teachers’ creative way of organizing lessons and homework. I’ve never been in a school like this.
    Pedro M., Portugal
  • Lieber Marco, Liebe Ursula!
    Lieber Marco, Liebe Ursula! Da es uns letztes Jahr bei euch in Camerano so gut gefallen hat, haben wir uns entschieden heuer wieder 3 Wochen eure Schule besuchen zu wollen... Als 2 unserer Freunde die Fotos vom letzten Jahr gesehen haben, haben sie sich ebenfalls entschieden mitzukommen.
    Joachim K. and Lukas H., Austria
  • Ho imparato tanto quanto mi sono divertita
    Ciao Ursula e Marco, vi ringrazio per una settimana marchigiana meravigliosa. Ho imparato tanto quanto mi sono divertita. Spero che un giorno ci incontreremo ancora....tanti auguri
    Corinne UK
  • Spero di ritornare qualche volta per imparare piu!
    Ciao Marco e Ursula. Molte grazie per tutto! Mi sono divertita molto al corso di lingua e anche alle escursioni. Spero di ritornare qualche volta per imparare piu! Grazie anche per tutti i vostri consigli e aiuto, era buono! Fino alla prossima volta! tanti saluti!
    Jane and Julia D. UK
  • Mille grazie per tutto!!
    Mille grazie per tutto!! Mi sono divertita molto in Italia. Ho anche imparato molto circa la vostra lingua e la vostra cultura. E' stato un bel viaggio. Spero che vi vedrò l'anno prossimo! Cordiali saluti
    Katie R. USA
  • Gerade bin ich heimgekommen
    Hallo, gerade bin ich heimgekommen, um mich schon wieder anzumelden,so gut hat es mir gefallen.
    Ingrid H. Austria
  • Ich muss einfach noch mal sagen, dass es ein sehr, sehr schöner Urlaub war.
    ...ich muss einfach noch mal sagen, dass es ein sehr, sehr schöner Urlaub war. Der Italienisch-Unterricht hat mir so viel Spaß gemacht, dass ich mit Hilfe des Buches ein bißchen nacharbeiten will, so dass ich hoffentlich nächstes Jahr nicht alles vergessen habe und ich mich auch mal ein bißchen unterhalten kann. Gelesenes verstehen, selbst auswendig gelernte Sätze kann ich schon ganz gut, aber spontan etwas sagen - huch, da ist dann immer ein großes Loch... ! Über den Gesangs-Teil muss ich nicht viel Worte machen, glaube ich. Das war einfach "begeisternd schön"! Herzlichen Dank noch einmal Dir und Marco und allen, die Euch unterstützen! Ciao e tanti saluti!
    Ilse W. Germany
  • Just a quick letter to tell you how much I enjoyed the "whole experience" in Camerano.
    Just a quick letter to tell you how much I enjoyed the "whole experience" in Camerano. Many thanks to your staff, who were so helpful, in making feel at home with both the language and in Camerano, which I thought was a beautiful Village set in such lovely picturesque countryside. I look forward to returning in 2006 and have already booked lessons back home. Once again thanks for everything.
    Grahame M. UK
  • What a peaceful and beautiful spot for an italian course!
    What a peaceful and beautiful spot for an italian course! It’s great to have met all the people from all over the world and it has been wonderful to get to know all of you from CCC - you do a great job! I will surely come back next year
    Claudia N., Switzerland
  • Non vediamo l'ora di ritornare a trovarvi e di continuare lo studio dell'italiano al CCC
    Ciao Marco. Io e Phil non vediamo l'ora di ritornare a trovarvi e di continuare lo studio dell'italiano al CCC. Abbiamo ancora molto da imparare (soprattutto io!!).... Saluta tua moglie e Michele. E' veramente un insegnante speciale! Al prossimo anno.
    Karen H.Ireland
  • I really had a great time
    I really had a great time, the best I could have had from a school.
    Oswald P. Norway
  • Camerano is a beautiful place.
    Camerano is a beautiful place. I had never been in le Marche before but I think it is a very special region. I don't exaggerate when I say that everything was absolutely perfect. Well, almost...(I'm talking about my luggage which got lost at the airport..remember?) Anyway I will never forget this experience and I’ll never forget all of you. Bacioni
    Ramona W., Mexico
  • Great place, great people, great summer vacation
    Great place, great people, great summer vacation. Say hello from me to Michele and Paolo (GREAT TEACHERS!!!)It has been a beautiful experience.
    Kristine G., Germany
  • Ciao tutti! HO SUPERATO L'ESAME!!!!!!
    Ciao tutti! HO SUPERATO L'ESAME!!!!!! Es wurde ein "Genügend", was für mich wie ein Sehr Gut klingt da ich es bestimmt ohne Michele, Paolo und das C.C.C. nicht geschafft hätte!! Mille grazie!! Ach, Raffa war ja auch soo lieb ... Ursula, ich hoffe ich hab dir da nicht zu viel Arbeit aufgebrummt...als Dankeschön seid ihr natürlich jederzeit herzlich bei mir willkommen, und das soundso... Sag bitte Raffa dass ich dank ihrer präzisen Wegbeschreibung auch noch mein Restgeld des Urlaubs in diversen Großkaufgeschäften gelassen hab,sie ist wirklich eine ganz besonders liebe! So,eine lange Umarmung, es war wieder sooo schön bei euch, die villa viola könnte mein Feriendomizil werden )
    Jenny S. Austria
  • I had a lot of chance to practice speaking
    I had a lot of chance to practice speaking. During the course I got more confident in using italian and during the excursions organized by the school I spoke italian all the time. Thanks to all my teachers.
    Ben W., Denmark
  • I began to think in Italian
    I began to think in Italian. I enjoyed the lessons and the games that we played in Paolo’s class, watching videos, discussions… sometimes it was difficult for me to understand, but they interested me very much. I think using AV (audio-visual materials) is a good way to improve your Italian. Also the extra one-to-one lessons were very helpful. I have never seen such beautiful nature and sea and not many tourists.
    Tamaki O., Japan
  • My wife can't believe yet I can cook "gnocchi"!!!!!
    Everything was very well organized and there was a nice combination of learning and social activities. I enjoyed a lot cooking with "Mamma Ledi". My wife can't believe yet I can cook "gnocchi"!!!!!
    Georg H., Netherlands
  • All the classes were good
    All the classes were good, the use of movies, newspapers, poems, music, etc. All lessons were very interesting. Camerano is a small but lovely town. People is friendly and helpful. Both teachers I had(Cristina e Elisa...CIAO!!!!) are really good and above all patient.
    Maki H., Japan
  • Una scuola meravigliosa nella splendida regione
    Ho frequentato qui lo scorso settembre, e sono stato molto soddisfatto dell'esperienza. Gli istruttori hanno approcci diversi, ma tutti sono di prima classe. Non ho davvero sapere quanto avevo imparato fino a quando ho lasciato a scuola a viaggiare in tutto il nord Italia -- la mia scuola mi ha dato la fiducia (e qualche nuovo vocabolario) per tenere conversazioni con molte persone diverse.
    Camerano è un posto molto rilassante da visitare, e se avete un po' di tempo libero, ci sono molte belle cittadine appena una fermata del bus. Inoltre, Le Marche è una bellissima regione in generale.
  • Una scuola perfetta per giovani e anziani (60+)
    Siamo contentissimi del nostro soggiorno a Camerano. Non solo che abbiamo migliorato il nostro italiano, ma anche abbiamo fatto delle gite interessantissime, scoperto dei veri gioielli d'arte e ammirato i paesaggi colorati delle Marche.
    La direzione e gli insegnanti della scuola sanno creare un' ambiente motivante, familiare e lo stesso tempo rilassante. Inoltre sono molto competenti, Il Centro Culturale e da raccomandare a tutti, giovani e non piu giovani!
    Peter S.
  • Eccellente scuola
    Una scuola eccellente, oltre gli insegnanti assegnati a seconda del livello di ognuno e con classi non numerose, ti segue sia nella scelta degli alloggi che nell'organizzare il tempo libero. Ambiente familiare, cordialità e simpatia.
    Angela G.
  • Mi sono trovata benissimo a Camerano!
    L'organizzazione era ottima, il corso interessante, le attività (gite, cene, ...) insuperabili, la mia famiglia ospite stupenda e tutta la équipe simpaticissima! Insomma, un soggiorno superlativo! Ci vediamo l'anno prossimo!
    Annemieke D. Belgium
  • Centro Culturale Conero is more than a school of Italian for foreigners
    It’s a lifestyle. We were really impressed with all the care you take in every detail. I feel our italian is much better now. Italian meals? Fantastic!! The place? A paradise still unknown....
    Lotta and Jakob D. Sweden

Authentic Italy

Take part in the guided tours organized by the Italian language school to the most picturesque places in the Marche region, explore with us the wonders of the many nature trails of the Conero Natural Park, attend one of our mini-courses of Italian cuisine, wine culture, art etc. You will see that by immersing yourself in the culture of the "Bel Paese" it will also be easier to learn the language.