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Free daily Italian lessons
free daily italian lessons
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Mini-group Courses

These Italian language courses are designed for two individuals of a similar Italian proficiency level who apply together (e.g. a couple, 2 friends or collegues,) wishing to study and learn together. They have 20 lessons per week. Students are divided into six different levels according to existing language proficiency. Students will have lessons in the morning and have their afternoons free to explore the area. Courses can be as short as 1 week and continue for as long as required. Courses include grammar, conversation practice, activity based learning.

italian language courses

MINIGROUP (2 STUDENTS) minimum 1 Week
4 lessons a day from Monday to Friday

Name Weeks Lessons Price per person
Due 1/2 1 10 400 200
Due 1 1 20 780 390
Due 2 2 40 1500 750
Due 3 3 60 2180 1090
Due 4 4 80 2800 1400