How can I reach Camerano?

Camerano is a town of 7.000 inhabitants 5 km south of Ancona, the capital of the Le Marche Region. You can easily reach it:
- by car: Motorway A14 exit Ancona sud. Follow directions for Camerano.
- by train: Direct links to/from Ancona from Bologna, Milan, Rome, Turin and, in summer time, from European countries.
- by plane: Ancona airport “Raffaello Sanzio” – daily flights to/from Rome, London- Stansted, Munich, Bruxelles, Düsseldorf , Paris, Barcellona.
- by ship: port of Ancona – ferries to/from Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Egypt."

What about travelling by car to Camerano?

"Coming by your own car or renting one is a very good idea. Camerano is a small town where you will easily find parking free of charge.
There is no criminality. Furthermore, you will be able to move as you want without depending on public transport. It is also possible to hire a car in Ancona, both at the airport and at the railway station (Europecar, Hertz, Maggiore, Avis etc.). You can also rent a car in Camerano.

How can I reach you?

Centro Culturale Conero offers a pick up service to and from Ancona airport and train station. The service is available from 7am to midnight.
Costs: €25 from Ancona train station to Camerano; €35 from Ancona airport to Camerano, or from Ancona train station to the sea; €40 from Ancona airport to the sea. If you wish the school to arrange a transfer, please send us the arrival information (date and time of arrival and flight or train number) possibly with the enrolment form or at least a week before your arrival. Ancona is however well connected with Camerano from 6:25 to 20:05 by a good bus service departing from the train station (that you can reach by bus from the airport in 40 min.). Otherwise you can take a taxi, which costs about €35 from Ancona railway station to Camerano, and about €45 from the airport to Camerano.

Where can I get a map of town?

What about the climate?

Camerano and its surroundings have a typical Mediterranean climate.
Summer is quite warm, with hot weeks in July and August.
Spring and first autumn are milder, though it is still possible to bathe in the sea. In winter the temperature rarely goes under zero.
Average summer temperatures range from 18° C to 35° C . Average winter temperatures, from 5° C to 15°C.

What about bicycles?

Le Marche are characterised by a landscape of low hills, except for the Sibillini Mountains and the Mount Cònero.
If you want to take your own bicycle (or to hire one), please take in consideration that moving from a town to another might be hard, unless you are not properly trained. The use of mountainbikes is on the contrary more common, both on roads and on special routes in the country.
The paths of the Conero Park offer very suggestive views and landscapes. It is possible to rent mountain bikes a few kilometers from the school.

What about public transports?

Camerano, thanks to a good bus service (linee Reni/Conerobus) http://www.anconarenibus.it/regionale.asp, is well connected with the main resorts of the area (Sirolo, Marcelli, Numana), where some of our students choose to live, as well as with towns of interest (Loreto, Castelfidardo, Osimo) and to the capital of the region, Ancona, just 6 km away. Tickets can be purchased at tobacconists’ and newsagents’, and and should validated on board.
From Ancona there are good bus services towards all the main towns of the region. The railway station, one of the most important of the Adriatic coast, connects Ancona with Bologna (2 h.), Rome (3.30 h.) and Pescara (1.30 h.). The airport “Raffaello Sanzio” offers flights to Rome, Munich, London, Barcellona, Bruxelles, Düsseldorf, Trapani, Bucarest and in summer season, to other destinations. The port has services to Greece, Croatia, Turkey and Israel.

Are there restaurants in Camerano?

In Camerano you can find restaurants, pizzerias and snack-bars. Right on the Piazza Roma you can find bar ""MAFFY”, where besides cocktails & long drinks you can taste fish and meat dishes of the region along with good quality wines. Another good restaurant is ""Da Saverio"", just below the Hotel “Tre Querce”, in via Giovanni XXIII, where you can have typical meat and fish dishes of Le Marche.
In the center it is also possible to eat refined dishes of the local and regional cuisine in the restaurant ""Hostaria la Marca"" or enjoy a stunning view of the sea and mountains (in summer) at the ""Bistrò Cucina & Vini".
You can also have an appetizing snack or a fresh appetizer comfortably seated outdoors at Bar Bosco, perhaps with a nice bottle of local Rosso Conero wine. In the countryside, just outside Camerano, there are 3 ex-farmhouses with a traditional restaurant, specialised in home -made and -grown food (agriturismo): “Il Girasole” (in the direction of Castelfidardo), “Il Corbezzolo” (in the direction of Sirolo), “La Giuggiola” (in the direction of Ancona).
For a fast snack (pizzas, salads, sandwiches, pasta etc.) We suggest you one of the bars near the centre (Bar Bosco) or the pizzerias along via Garibaldi, piazza Roma or via Maratti. Opposite the bus stop “campo sportivo” you can find a friendly “tavola calda-pizzeria”.
Marcelli, Numana and Sirolo and Ancona offer such a wide range of choices you could hardly eat twice in the same place even staying there all summer long.

Is there a post office?

The post office is in Via Martiri d. Libertà. Opening times: 8.30 – 13.30

Is there a bank where can I change money or use the ATM

In Camerano there are 3 banks (Opening times: 8.30 –13.00 /14.30 –15.30), all of them with an ATM (automatic teller machine) point 24h. a day). Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Where can I go shopping?

"In Camerano there are supermarkets, groceries, bakers’ and all the main shops where you can buy local specialities like wine, cheese or ham. For clothes, shoes, books, CDs or anything else we suggest you go to Ancona or Civitanova Marche (25 Km south of Camerano), world centre of shoe production and real economic capital of the region. Shops usually open: 9.00 – 12.30 / 16.30 – 19.30.
Near Camerano there are three megastores (Malls), Le Grotte Centre, Cargo Pier, and Centro Commerciale Conero, you can easily reach by car or, on Wednesday mornings, by a free bus from Camerano. They are generally open from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Typical of Italy are the weekly markets, usually offering special genuine products and clothes at cheaper prices. Here are the markets scheduled in our surroundings:
Monday: Castelfidardo
Tuesday: Ancona
Wednesday: Camerano – Numana - Marcelli
Thursday: Osimo – Porto Recanati
Friday: Ancona - Sirolo
Saturday: Civitanova Marche – Recanati"

Are there churches?

In Camerano, just like in any Italian town or city, there are churches with daily messes. Centres of other religions are in Ancona (Jewish Comunity, via Fanti 2; Islamic Centre, via Maggini 274: Scientology, via Lamaticci 12).

Is there a tourist office?

The tourist office in Camerano is located in Piazza Roma 26. Ph. 0717304018

Where can I get further information about Le Marche from?

You can get further information visiting the website http://www.turismo.marche.it/ or, of course, on our own site (www.linguaitaliana.com), where you can find a rich links section.

Are there sport centres?

In Camerano there is the “Tennis Club” in via Fermi (tel. 071-959428) and the “Società Bocciofila Cameranese” in via Bagacciano 8 (tel. 071-959580).
On the way to Marcelli there is the luxurious “Conero Golf Club” in via Betelico 6 (tel. 071-7360380).
There are several horse-riding centres, often by the “agriturismi” where you can enjoy homemade specialities: “Il Corbezzolo” c.da Piancarda 124 Massignano (tel. 071-2139039); “Il Ritorno”, via Piani d’Aspio 12 Sirolo (te. 071-9331544); “Hornos”, via del Musone 1 Numana (tel. 071-7390076).
Fitness centres offer courses of aerobics, step, spinning, body building, along with saunas and massages. The nearest public swimming pool is in Ancona, via Ruggeri (tel. 071-2861673).
There are endless possibilities for sea sports: sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, swimming, diving.

Are there spas?

In the area of Camerano, near the motorway exit, there are the “Terme dell’Aspio”, via Aspio Terme (tel. 071- 95691), open from May to October and ideal for stomach and liver diseases. In San Vittore di Genga, 70 km far along the Ancona-Fabriano road, there are, by the world famous caves of Frasassi, sulfureus thermes to cure skin and lungs illnesses (tel. 0732-90444).

Is there a hospital?

In Camerano, at the institute “Ceci”in via Marinelli 3, there is a First Aid point led by the Yellow Cross (tel. 071-95247), and a centre for special visits (071-959412).
In Ancona there are several hospitals, among which that of Torrette, one of the greatest in Central Italy. Centro Culturale Conero can organise an english-speaking doctor whenever you are in need of a consultation or medical care.

Is there a chemists?

The chemists is in Via Papa Giovanni XXIII N° 27. Homeopathic chemists can be found in Camerano (near the Si con te supermarket) and in Ancona as well as 24-hour pharmacies. You should not forget to take, if necessary, your own medical prescriptions.


Where is the school located?

Centro Culturale Conero is in via Fontanelle 2, just 5 minutes walking from the main square (Piazza Roma) and from the last bus stop of “Viale Ceci” (coming from Marcelli) and first bus stop of Via Marinelli (coming from Ancona). The full address is: Via Fontanelle 2 - 60021 - Camerano (An) - Italy

What happens the first day at school?

Be at the school at 9 am. You will join a group at your same level, unless otherwise requested.

How many levels are the courses divided into?

Our Italian language courses are divided into min. 6 levels 6
- beginner level
- elementary level
- pre-intermediate level
- intermediate level
- advanced level
- proficency level

How will I be assigned an appropriate level?

The level will be assigned through a written test that we will send you or that you can DOWNLOAD HERE.
and that you should fill out and return before your arrival. On the first meeting on Monday morning at school, if necessary, there will be an oral interview with one of the teachers to assess more precisely the level of each individual student.

When do the lessons take place?

Group lessons normally take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and start at 9.00.

Do lessons take place on national holidays?

On national holidays, local holidays (6th January, Easter Monday, 25th April, 1st May, 15th August, 1st November) the school is closed and lessons are not held.
If possible, lessons are made up on Saturdays. The school is closed from 23 December to 6 January.

What books will I use in the lessons?

Our basic text and exercise books have been conceived by long experienced teachers.
They are used together with complementary materials such as newspaper and magazine articles, audiovisual materials, and other activities.

Is the teaching material included in the course price?

The cost of all text books and other supplies is fully included in the enrolment fee of €60.

What teaching method do you use?

Our lessons have a conversational based teaching approach to the language, to allow even beginners to communicate in Italian.
All courses include not only language lessons but also glances into various aspects of the Italian way of life (every day situations, songs, recipes, traditions, etc.).
At the beginning of the course all students will be provided with a textbook which will serve as a guide. Its content will then be expanded and deepened with handouts provided, as needed, by the teachers. Our school uses the most modern technologies at the service of language teaching. Video materials and online resources are part of our teachers' equipment and are used to make the language learning process as complete and effective as possible.

What are your teachers' qualification?

Our courses are led by native speakers with a University degree, each speaking at least two foreign languages. They have a specialization in teaching italian as a second language and a broad experience gathered in our school and in other private and public institutes.

How many students are there in a group?

Groups will range from 4 to 9 students (average 5/6 in the summer and less in the winter).

Will I receive a certificate?

At the end of each course each student will receive a certificate of attendance indicating the level of proficiency attained.

What is the average age of students attending the school?

We accept students of all ages (18+). Most of the participants are between 35 and 65 years old.


Where will I stay? How can I reach the school?

The accommodations where our students usually stay are within walking distance of the school and are all easily accessible on foot. However, the school is easily accessible even by those staying at the sea (10 minutes by bus from Sirolo and 15/20 minutes from Numana or Marcelli)

What kinds of accomodation do you offer?

Upon request and with a reasonable advance we can help you find a comfortable and convenient accommodation according to your needs. Lodging will be provided in hotels, “agriturismi” (ex-farm houses with a typical restaurant), bed & breakfast, apartments or in selected families where you will have the opportunity to practise in real time what you have learned at school.

Which board types can I choose?

Most hotels and Pensioni as well as some of the host families offer different types of board: breakfast – half board – full board. There are fully equipped kitchens in the holiday apartments.

What should I expect about meals?

"A typical Italian breakfast (usually served at 8.00 a.m.) normally includes bread, butter, jam/marmalade, or biscuits, as well as coffee, milk or tea.
At lunch (13.00) you will be offered a first course (pasta or soup), a second course (meat or fish) with vegetables, and fruit or cake.
Dinner (20.30) is our main meal: first and second courses along with vegetables and fruit or cake are the usual dishes, though you can sometimes be offered pizza or some other specialities. Water and wine are always on the table.
At the end of the meal we usually drink black coffee. If you have got special needs, likes or dislikes, please let us know with a reasonable advance."

What about accomodation in families?

Our host families are carefully selected. You will have the chance of enjoying a friendly atmosphere, practicing Italian in daily life situations and tasting homemade food.
The use of a part of the refrigerator, hand-washing of clothes, as well as the use of the ironing board, is usually permitted with no extra charge. The use of the washing-machine and of the kitchen is generally not allowed, but arrangements can be made with the landlady.
If you choose a Bed & Breakfast or a half board accommodation, please keep in mind that the use of the kitchen to cook your own food is normally not included. The best payment is cash. A receipt can be asked the family, not the school.

What about accommodation in an apartment?

You can either rent a whole flat or share it with other students from our school, in a single or in a double room. Kitchen and bathroom would be, in this last case, of common use. Each apartment is furnished and the kitchen is supplied with all essential utilities (cutlery, plates, pans etc.). You can prepare your meals separately or together with your flatmates and fellow students.
Electricity, gas, water, local costs are included in the price, unless otherwise specified. In winter heating costs will be separately calculated. The apartments are cleaned before your arrival and have to be left clean. During your stay, your flatmates and you are responsible for the cleaning of your room and of the rooms used in common (kitchen and bathroom). Normally there is no telephone in the apartment but some apartments have a wi-fi internet connection. Usually the apartments are occupied from Saturday to Saturday. You should bring some food for the Sunday of arrival and Monday morning, as food stores are closed on Sundays. Italy uses a 220 Volts/AC system. Plugs may differ from those in your home country and it is possible that you need an adapter. Usually there are washing machines in the apartments.
A deposit (100,00 Euros) or an account (30%) might be requested.
Apartments have to be paid in cash. A receipt can be asked the owner, not the school.

Am I supposed to communicate my arrival date and time?

Yes, you are. We need to know them well in advance in order to make the waiting time for you and your hosts as short as possible. And to organize your pick up if required.

Are there laundries?

There is one self-service laundry in Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, at 2 minutes walk from the school and most accommodation facilities we offer. Apartments in Camerano where our students are usually accommodated generally have a washing machine.


What documents do I need to come to Italy?

Citizens from the European Union can enter Italy with an Identification card or a Passport.
Citizens from other countries should check with the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate.

If I need a visa, how can I get it?

Students coming from countries where a visa is required for study purposes can obtain a certificate of enrolment from Centro Culturale Conero which can then be presented to the appropriate authorities. In this case the full cost of the course, for which they will receive the certificate and an invoice, must be paid in advance.
If the student does not obtain the visa, the school has to be informed in writing enclosing a document that testifies the refusal of the authorities or all the original documents received by the school.
In this case the school will refund the entire sum paid for the course, deducting postal or bank charges, and the enrolment fee of 60 euro. After the issue of the certificate, it is no longer possible to obtain a cancellation or change of dates without returning the original enrolment certificate.
Once the visa has been obtained ,in the case the student doesn't attend the course, NO REFUND will be given. All expenses for sending the certificate by courier or express post have to be born by the student.

What is the Italian currency?

The Euro

What about payments?

Credit Cards are accepted almost everywhere. You can receive money at Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), if you have an ATM card linked to an international network (Eurocard, Cirrus, Plus, Maestro etc.)

How can I pay you?

You can pay the school with all major Credit Cards and, of course, in cash. 

What about electricity?

Italy uses a 220 Volts/AC system. Additionally, wall sockets and plugs may differ from those in your home country.
Be sure to get information about the possible need for an adapter before your departure.

Am I ensured during my staying at you?

"During your staying in Italy you must be personally insured against illness and accident. Contact your insurance company to ask whether your personal insurance is valid abroad. Otherwise purchase travel insurance.
All students are insured against accidents during school lessons and activities promoted by the school (civil liability)"