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Lern Italian in Italy with our courses of Italian

courses of italianCentro Culturale Conero offer a wide variety of Italian language courses and a rich selection of extracurricular activities, which generally take place in the afternoons and evenings. We also have specific cultural courses as well as combined “all inclusive” programmes for school or University students (accompanied by their teachers) or “language & culture” packages for groups of adults, with different options for accommodation and a full extracurricular programme.

Whether you are a student learning for an exam, learning italian in a professional capacity for work, or you want to spend a “different” vacation in Italy, here at Centro Culturale Conero you will find the course that suits you. Our experienced teachers will focus on the points that are important for you. You can choose among intensive group courses, mini-group courses, crash, individual or combined courses etc. All language courses run in the morning, giving you ample opportunity to explore Le Marche in the afternoons or attend one of our extracurricular activities.

Complement your Italian language course with a cultural experience! Learn how to cook Italian food like an Italian, enrol on one of our wine tasting courses or expand your knowledge of Italian literature, music or theatre etc. Taking part in these activities is not only fun, but will enrich your knowledge of the Italian way of life and significantly improve your vocabulary.