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Free daily Italian lessons
free daily italian lessons
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Italian Online Lessons Via Skype

Besides our traditional classes here at Centro Culturale Conero in Le Marche, we offer online interactive Italian lessons via skype or other audio/video free conferencing software, such as google hangout etc. Thanks to these easy methods you can learn to speak Italian very well by doing it entirely online. Online learning is ideal if you have a busy schedule and can’t commit to a regular course. With us you can learn Italian in a fun and convenient way which is flexible to your schedule. Experience personalised Italian lessons via Skype with a professional, friendly and caring native Italian teacher. Receive customised homework after each lesson. You can achieve real and consistent results and gain confidence in speaking while learning at your own pace. Learn the Italian that you need and use it immediately!
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We offer true flexibility

Arrange lessons for a time that suits. You can learn Italian directly from the comfort of your home, from your office or virtually from anywhere. We give you the chance to follow our lessons even if you live in remote locations or you’d like to continue to study while travelling! Whenever you prefer, there will always be one of our Italian on-line teachers available. Once you find the right teacher to practise with and learn from, you will realise how quickly you will make progress.

Tailor-made Italian lessons

Our Italian lessons will be tailored to your needs and interests, whether you are a student learning for an exam, learning italian in a professional capacity for work, or you're simply planning a vacation to Italy. Our experienced teachers will focus on the points that are important for you. You can profit from our unique learning materials and e-books designed to help you improve your Italian.

We guarantee professionality

At Centro Culturale Conero you can be assured of the highest quality - our Italian teachers are mother-tongue italians, highly qualified and have over 10 years experience teaching students online and in person. We have successfully taught hundreds of students from around the world. All of them speak fluently at least 2 foreign languages. There are many individuals and companies offering Italian lessons online but sometimes without the depth of experience that we have here at CCC so enrol for a free lesson to see the difference!

Save your valuable time & resources!

You can get the best results at reasonable prices. All you need is a computer, a tablet or even a smartphone and an Internet connection. Most of today’s devices have a built-in microphone and web-cam. It’s not obligatory to have video during the lesson, but we’ve found this creates a more “natural” atmosphere and after a few minutes you will feel like you are in the same classroom with your Italian teacher :-)

So, don’t hesitate! Try a 30 minute lesson with one of our teachers for free before you buy. We’ll be glad to show you how easy and fun it can be!

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