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Those who like to keep in contact with nature will have the opportunity to join trekking or biking guided tours to the Monte Conero Natural Park. Most of Italy's Adriatic coastline is flat, but Monte Conero, just south of Ancona, is a rare exception. It is an impressive limestone promontory that plunges into the sea and guards a handful of delightful little bathing resorts, featuring unforgettable bays and the prettiest beaches on the whole of the Northern Adriatic shore.

As an alternative, excursions can be organized to Monti Sibillini Natural Park, in the heart of Appennines. This mountain range hosts Monte Vettore (2,476 mts.), one of the highest peaks on the Italian mainland; its wild tarns and windswept high plains provide a breathtaking landscape.

The Frasassi caves are some of the most spectacular caves you are ever likely to visit. So far, some 13 km of limestone caverns have been explored and it is reckoned that they may run for up to 35 km. Only one and a half km of this crystalline wonderland is open to the general public, but it is still worth the trip. Equipped with walkways and theatrical lighting, the caves include the awesome Grotta Grande del Vento, Europe's largest single cavern. It is so vast that Milan Cathedral would comfortably fit inside and hosts some of the most extravagantly fanciful stalagmites and stalactites you are ever likely to see.