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Conero natural park

Conero park

Duration: 2/3 hours
Departure time: 16:00
Return time: 19:00

Mount Conero is an area of 8.000 hectares that has recently been made into a park. From the top of the mountain (572 m) our view extends down to San Benedetto del Tronto from one side and down to the sibillini mountains and to the hills - where the red wine ROSSO CONERO is produced - on the other. It is also worth noticing the special flora of pines, strawberry trees, holm-oaks, oaks laurels, chestnuts, maple-trees, broom flowers etc. ... but there is also the Badia, an old hermitage founded by the Romans in the 11th-century and transformed in the 16th-century. Inside, it is with three aisles supported by pillars and columns with beautiful capitals.

Due to its geological characteristics, this limestone promontory that plunges into the sea guards a handful of delightful little bays and beaches only reachable by boat or through steep and breathtaking paths, which are really worth seeing.