italian language courses
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Duration: About 12 hours (day trip)
Departure time: 8:00
Return time: 20:00

A mountain chain that rises in the heart of the Marches and reaches M. Vettore (2,476 mts.). A territory where the magic of the local nature, history and and culture have contributed in defining a unique and unrepeatable reality. Here in the mythical Sibillan kingdom the Monti Sibillini National Park was born in 1993 (with over 70,000 hts.), with the aim to save the environment. Also encourages the social economic development and favours the enjoyment of persons of different categories creating a "Park for everybody". The wolf, golden eagle, peregrine and numerous endemic species are obvious signs of a different and biologic richness that along with the charm of the abbeys and Medieval historical centers, spread in a crown form to the slabs of the mountains.They have determined an old and suggestive world where time has stopped to honour a reality of extraordinary beauty.