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Apartments near the school

Stay near the italian language school in Ancona

There are a number of apartments within walking distance of the Italian language school in Camerano, Ancona. This is the cheapest and most popular option for our students. These apartments are comfortable, have 2 or 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen with full cooking facilities. A number of the apartments have stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside or the sea. All apartments are conveniently located for shops, bars, supermarkets and bus stops to go to Ancona or to the beach. The cheapest option is to share apartments with fellow students but we also offer options for renting apartments independently, for your exclusive use (1 to 3 bedrooms).



Prices vary according to the type and size of apartment and whether you’ll be coming during peak/off-peak season. For specifics, please contact the school.

Accommodation type € per week, per person
Single room occupancy from 150 to 180*
Double occupancy (sharing a room with another student) from 115 to 130* **

Indicative prices for a indipendent apartment for your exclusive use:
Accommodation type € per week
(entire apartment)
from 250 to 450*

*Prices don’t include bedsheets and towels. Bedsheets can be provided for €15 if required. Towels can be provided for €5. In the winter you might need heating. Heating costs are not included and will be calculated according to the amount used (0,80 eurocents per cubic meter of gas).

**Double occupancy is not always available but dependent upon whether there are other suitable students of the same sex wishing to share over the same period.