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Apartments by the sea

Come to Italian Language School and learn Italian near the sea

For those who prefer to live by the sea, we can provide apartments in Sirolo or Numana (Marcelli); the ideal holiday resorts for those who love sun, sea and sand! Accommodation can be found in independent apartments and cottages by the sea. It’s not possible to organise shared accommodation in these areas. These sea resorts are 7/9 km away from the school and are connected to Camerano by an excellent bus service. Bear in mind that these apartments, in the peak season (July/August) can be much more expensive than apartments in Camerano.



Prices vary according to the type and size of apartment and whether you’ll be coming during peak/off-peak season. For specifics, please contact the school.

Indicative prices for a indipendent apartment for your exclusive use in Sirolo/Numana:
Accommodation type € per week, per person
(entire apartment)
from 250 to 800*

*The price range varies significantly depending upon whether you’re staying during off peak or peak periods (mid June - mid September).