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Accommodation with host families

Speak italian staying with host families

There are a number of accommodation options with carefully selected host families in Camerano; ideal for those wishing to practice their newfound italian skills and experience a full “immersion” environment. You can choose between single or double occupancy, breakfast included. Half-board or full-board options are available on request.


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Prices vary according to the type and size of apartment and whether you’ll be coming during peak/off-peak season. For specifics, please contact the school.

Indicative prices for a room with a host family:
Accommodation type € per week, per person
Single room occupancy from 180*
Double occupancy (sharing a room with another student) from 140* **

*Bedsheets and towels provided by the family. In some of the families, it’s possible to use the kitchen at an additional cost of €25 per week

**Double occupancy is not always available but dependent upon whether there are other suitable students of the same sex wishing to share over the same period.