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Learn Italian staying in Italy

learn italian in italy

If requested, Centro Culturale Conero can help you find comfortable and convenient accommodation within walking distance to the school in Camerano or in the surrounding area to suit your needs and budget.

Camerano is an ideal base for our students. Camerano is a beautiful hill-top town with stunning panoramas of Monte Conero and the local countryside. It’s the starting point for all our excursions and because most of our students often choose to stay here, there’s more opportunities to socialise with other students. It’s also often the cheapest option.

We’re also able to find accommodation for you near the sea in Numana or Sirolo just 15 minutes drive away from the school. During the summer months, accommodation is often more expensive here.

Accommodation can be provided in hotels, in an agriturismo (farms with a traditional style restaurant), or within selected families, where students will be able to practice their Italian communication skills on a day-to-day basis. Come to learn italian in Italy!