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Diction for Opera Singers

Levels  Intermediate and advanced 
Participants Min. 2
Lessons  3 afternoons lessons of 2 hours each
Cost  € 150,00


The course has been conceived to analyse and explain the correct pronunciation of the phonemes of the Italian language through literature and opera as well as everyday examples. It is mainly (but not only) meant for opera singers, linguists, philologists, italianists.

learn italian in italylearn italian in italy
  • Phoneme -Accent - Prosody - Diphthongs - Hiatus
  • Analysis and classification of the Italian phonemes: vocoids
  • Analysis and classification of the Italian phonemes: contoids
  • Distinctive opposition è - é     | I
  • Distinctive opposition è - é     | II
  • Distinctive opposition ò - ó     | I
  • Distinctive opposition ò - ó     | II
  • Distinctive opposition s - ş
  • Distinctive opposition z - ý
  • Dorsal-palatal lateral gl and Dorsal-palatal nasal gn