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Italian History of Theatre

Levels  Intermediate and advanced 
Participants Min. 2
Lessons  3 afternoons lessons of 2 hours each
Cost  € 150,00 per person


The course is a comprehensive (architecture, literature, society, acting) survey of the Italian theatre from its origins up to modern times. Analyses of plays at request.

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  • Roman theatre
  • The origins of the Italian theatre
  • The Renaissance
  • The "Commedia dell'Arte" I
  • The "Commedia dell'Arte" II
  • Goldoni, Gozzi and the 18th century theatre
  • 19th century: the "Grande Attore" tradition
  • 20th century theatre: Pirandello and D'Annunzio
  • Between tradition and Avantguarde: De Filippo, Bene, Fo
  • Postmodernism